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Stephanie Green has reviewed Theatre and Dance in Edinburgh for years but previously travelled widely, mainly in Eastern Europe and Russia, writing about puppetry and in Bali, shadow puppetry and sacred dance. In the 1970s, she trained as a puppeteer at the Little Angel, London and later worked at In the Heart of the Beast Mask and Puppet Theater in Minniapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. Also training at the Place, the London School of Contemporary Dance, in her 20s she then gave up dancing until starting again in her 60s just for fun. She has recently danced in a community group with Barrowland Ballet (at the Edinburgh Fringe, 2013), Oceanallover and at the South Bank, London as part of the Festival of the Silver Age. She is also a novelist, playwright and poet.

Green Knight

Green Knight

A monstrous green knight interrupts the Christmas feast at King Arthur's court to issue an unwinnable challenge. A year later, one of Arthur's knights sets out to take up the challenge and finds himself tested not only by the monster, but also by a young wife with her own game to play. In this Continue Reading

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