Alpine Horn with Flange Krammer - Free

Comedian Neil Dagley is Flange Krammer; German Olympic skiing sensation and interminable ladies’ man. In a show peppered with silly projected videos, audience interaction and a baffling guest appearance by the man from Del Monte, Krammer gives the audience an insight into his life. Much in the style of Borat or Angelos Epithemiou, Krammer is a character complete with catchphrases and zany affectations, the guise of the character allowing Dagley room to be as wacky as possible.

It is important to note that whilst Alpine Horn is undoubtedly very entertaining, it is not particularly sophisticated; the laughs are as cheap as the entry price. Fortunately the sheer volume of innuendo and questionable puns cause the show to burst at the seams. Jokes are quick and fast and Dagley is clearly under no illusions as to their tenuous nature. However, his sheer energy is outstanding. Dagley flies with all guns blazing towards every groan-worthy punchline and his enthusiasm is powerful enough for us to forgive him his comedic sins. Nevertheless, there are some surprisingly well constructed jokes which are sure to bring a devilish smirk to even the stoniest of faces. The comedy is madcap and light-hearted and is a welcome dose of pure silliness. Sometimes the material errs on the side of crudity which added an unwelcome note of tension to the atmosphere but there is certainly a populous audience out there who will relish the close-to-the-bone humour.

I suspect this is a show that is at its best after a few drinks. It is a show you have to be prepared to give your all in; leave your reservations at the door because there is a chance that you will be invited to join Krammer onstage to partake in his games. He may put you on the spot but it’s all in the name of fun. For a free show, it’s definitely worth investigating if you enjoy mad character comedy complete with well-meaning digs at the audience. Pack your skis and give it a go!

Reviews by Stephanie Bartlett

The Blurb

Olympic skiing sensation and world class ladies’ man, Flange Krammer, brings his internationally renowned lecture on the importance of squat thrusts in ski training to Edinburgh. Character comedy.