Every now and then a sparkling gem comes bubbling to the surface of the Fringe. The energy in this effervescent dance and story-telling show, Single Life is sheer delight. Pirita Tuisku the choreographer, based in both Finland and Edinburgh, and Christine Liddell, Scotland-based, are a well-balanced duo, giving us a glimpse into the world of internet dating.

The energy in this effervescent dance and story-telling show is sheer delight.

As the audience enters, House music is throbbing and Tuisku is already on stage dancing in black bra and leggings. When her flatmate Liddell enters, the music changes to a swinging Bossa and the couple spend ages trying on outfits from a clothes rail bound round with twinkly Led lights. What to wear on a date? Liddell with long blonde hair is self-confident, choosing flowery, chiffon skirts and dresses, beaming at her reflection in an imaginary mirror. Tuisku with shorter dark hair is unsure of herself, her mobile face showing she has a comedienne's gift as she charts a journey of dissatisfaction to total despair. Orange cards are held up like speech bubbles in a cartoon culminating in “CRISIS”. Females in the audience will empathise with this true to life dilemma. Males who have not yet lived with a female may be shocked at how long a decision takes.

Throughout the show, dancing continues with unflagging zeal, interspersed with bitter-sweet reminiscences of past dates. How come the perfect man is so hard to find? What do the girls like best? Glastonbury, music and mud or a fantasy bunch of roses and trip in a limosine? Tuisku has superb story-telling skills keeping us on tenterhooks as she recounts a Tinder meet-up in Russia which turns scary. Cucumbers and lemons feature in a hilarious routine Liddell performs, pulling some extraordinary faces which get more and more extreme. At one point, Tuisku monologues in Finnish whilst body-scrubbing herself with a pineapple. Probably there will not be many Finnish speakers in the audience but this does not matter since this ridiculous routine speaks for itself.

Tuisku and Liddell are not afraid to make fools of themselves and they are great dancers. This feel-good show will have you bopping in your seat. Do go. Only a few shows left.

Reviews by Stephanie Green

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In online dating, you can be whoever you want. What effect does this have on women today? How has online dating changed the single life? Jump into the life of a modern single. New solo dance theatre from Finland.