Complaints Policy
  • By Pete Shaw
  • |
  • 1st Jan 2004
  • |
  • Edinburgh Fringe

Although we strive to do our very best to provide top-quality review content on Broadway Baby, we will be the first to admit we can sometimes get it wrong. From simple factual errors, such as getting the name of a performer incorrect to big, glaring bloopers that need urgent attention, problems can happen and we're here to get them fixed.

We'll correct errors, but bear in mind that we can't change a review simply because you disagree with the opinion of a reviewer or want us to pull a negative review because you feel it wouldn't be in the public interest.

What we can help with

The sorts of things we're happy to correct:

  • Corrections to the spelling of character, performer or crew names.
  • If details of the listing are incorrect, such as the wrong image associated with the show.
  • If you believe the reviewer had a conflict of interest they had not declared.
  • If the review puts heavy criticism on a technical point for a show that was advertised as a preview.
  • If the review breaks specific Broadway Baby editorial policies. (This one is mostly an internal conversation, as we don't publish these outside of the editorial team).

What we can't help with

What we can't help with are the differences of opinion:

  • Broadway Baby's aim is to review the show as presented. If subtexts or backstories are not evident, we can't be expected to review them.
  • We take into account the show as described in the programme and will review a show based on those promises.
  • Despite what you think, Broadway Baby is not obliged to only find the positives in your show. We will attempt to write constructive criticism, but ultimately we are a publication aiming to write reviews for a mass audience, not dry notes on how to improve your show.
  • Not every show can be five star and note that the way we rate shows means that we think a three star rating is a good show.

How to raise a complaint

If you have a complaint about a review, please contact the publisher.

Please include in your email

  • Your name and connection with the show
  • The show name and link to listing on Broadway Baby
  • The nature of your complaint / correction

We promise to look into every complaint raised fairly and without prejudice. For corrections, we will address those as soon as possible. For other queries we may need to contact the original reviewer for clarification. We promise to deal with every query professionally, but note that the publisher's decision is final.