My Big Gay Italian Wedding

This is the European debut of Anthony J. Wilkinson's farce about same-sex marriage. It's New York, and Anthony and Andrew are getting married, but there are problems. Anthony's Italian family will only allow him to get married under severe regulations, and Andrew's old flame Gregorio is threatening to jeopardise the wedding. Joined by a bevvy of Italian-American lesbians and a diminutive yet fierce wedding planner, what results is a rollicking farce full of fun and feist. I can honestly say that they live up to their claim of being 'the campest show in Edinburgh'.There are a lot of things wrong with this production. The blocking is awful, some acting is below par and the direction leaves a lot to be desired. But let me explain my star rating: My Big Gay Italian Wedding is ridiculously fun. The characters are larger than life and the energy of the piece is phenomenal: there is not one moment in the show which does not make you howl with laughter. As a hooting group of New Yorkers usher you in, you begin to realise that this is more of an experience than just a performance and the audience are truly a part of the proceedings. This show feels like a pantomime in the best possible sense: it is loud, brash and sassy and the fact it is so terrible is what makes it so brilliant. Unfortunately, exaggerated performances by the ensemble can sometimes drown out important lines from the speaking characters, but this can be easily rectified.I strongly suggest that if you are feeling the under the weather and you don't mind being heckled by gay stereotypes, head over to C to liven up your evening. It will probably be one you won't forget soon.

Reviews by Stephanie Bartlett

The Blurb

Dear Loved One, Andrew and I are getting married. I know - my parents were shocked too, but they're (almost) over that. It promises to be something neither of us will ever forget. Sincerely, Anthony.