Jack Barry and Patrick Turpin: Your New Mild Friends

This pair of independent comedians is sure to evoke a titter from even the stoniest of critics. The stand-up styles of Jack Barry and Patrick Turpin are very different and each warrant an individual review. As an hour of comedy however, the pair manage to provide some good solid entertainment that is polished and shows prowess and potential beyond their experience.

Jack Barry opens the show and his everyman demeanour is perfect for settling an audience in. He admits he is new to comedy but it doesn’t show. He clearly riffs between predetermined gags but his spontaneous conversational delivery makes his flow seamless and measured. He has not yet pinpointed his comedic style: jokes meander between puns, anecdotes and silly musings but each manages to hit the mark well. The tone also jumps from stories based in reality to more abstract concepts (his opinions on Cluedo are a particular favourite). With a more refined focus I predict that Barry will be one to look out for in future.

Patrick Turpin is a little more alternative and risqué. Accompanied by props and a slide projector, Turpin appears to have stepped out of a world entirely different to Barry’s. He may not have the universal appeal of Barry but he is certainly no less adept at comedy. His stage persona is more mysterious; there is an unearthly quality to his demeanour and his set which is based on off-the-wall concepts. His weirdness tends to be the source of his comedy and you may find yourself unnerved and amused rather than rolling in the aisles, but his style is certainly memorable.

Regardless of your comedy tastes, there is no reason to miss this pair of stand ups. There’s certainly nothing mild despite what the title might suggest; these guys are great.

Reviews by Stephanie Bartlett

The Blurb

Jack Barry and Patrick Turpin mount the tired old horse that is stand-up comedy. They're riding bareback, so you'd be silly to miss it. 'Instantly likeable ... surreal and hilarious' **** (ThreeWeeks).