How To Get Broadway Baby To Review Your Show
  • By Pete Shaw
  • |
  • 16th Mar 2018
  • |
  • London Fringe

Some years ago I wrote an article about the best strategies for getting Broadway Baby to review your show. Today I’m updating that because technology has taken over to the point where old school wisdom no longer applies.

As the owner of a listing you’ll be able to edit it at any time.

At Broadway Baby we use a custom-written tool called Thistle which handles all of our scheduling, ticketing and publishing. So the best way to get on the radar of our reviewing team is to make sure you’re in Thistle. The good news is if you’re listed on Broadway Baby, you’re already in Thistle – but you can enhance your chances further by adding info like your press night and attaching your press release.

If you’re not already listed on Broadway Baby

You'll find a link to adding a listing under the categories menu. If you’re in a festival such as Edinburgh, Adelaide or Brighton skip to the next step because we’ll get your listing details direct from the festival organisers.

If you are listed on Broadway Baby

You can ‘claim’ a listing on Broadway Baby if you’re the producer or publicist. To do this first either login or register a new user account. Then navigate to your listing, and just above the performance calendar you’ll find a link to claim it. Complete the pop-up form and we’ll check it’s valid before assigning it to you.

If you include a press night with your listing info, we’ll assume that all shows prior to that date are previews and we’ll automatically block those dates from our reviewers (previously we used a dedicated email address for 'first dates', but this is now replaced with this system). If you attach a press release, we’ll make that available to the reviewer we’re sending to see your show.

With these details attached to your listing, you'll have a much better chance of making it into our schedules.

When you're logged in you can find a link to all your listings under the categories menu. As the owner of a listing you’ll be able to edit it at any time.