Richard Shelton may be known for his role as murderous Dr. Adam Forsythe in Emmerdale, but the tension and high drama of soap opera is nowhere to be found in the return of iCroon to the Fringe. On entering, the audience are given cards on which there are the titles of over 60 classic songs from the era of swing, and are asked to handpick their favourites, then to be sung by Shelton amidst light chat and humorous anecdotes.The performance started slowly as some of Shelton's opening discussion with the audience was stilted and contrived but as soon as he began his first song, the showgoers were instantly won over. Shelton sings with charm and soul, his voice is effortlessly smooth and impressively powerful. The variety of songs in his repertoire are timeless favourites such as My Way, Mack the Knife and New York, New York. A joy to listen to, at the end of the show the audience are unwilling to leave.The format is very relaxed as there is no set playlist. It allows for a fresh sense of spontaneity as no one knows what will come next, not even Shelton himself.Shelton manages to do what many singers fail to - he brought character to his songs. This was particularly impressive in the slower, more sombre songs as opposed to the jukebox classics. His rendition of Moon River is hauntingly emotional. In a show that could so easily regress into karaoke, Shelton manages to maintain an emotional connection with the lyrics. His dialogue with the audience, although sometimes drifting into bouts of self-indulgence, is often amusing and he pays special respect to his spectators, engaging them in conversation and dedicating songs especially to individuals - much to their delight.iCroon is not overthought or pretentious, it is entertainment at its most basic and it makes for a truly enjoyable afternoon.

Reviews by Stephanie Bartlett

The Blurb

Richard Shelton (Frank Sinatra - Rat Pack Confidential, Emmerdale's Dr Adam) invites you to choose your favourite crooning tunes, put them on shuffle and hear them sung with live piano accompaniment and a personal dedication!