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Neil Hilborn on Self Care as a Poet

In 2011, Neil Hilborn’s poetry slam team placed first in the US College Poetry Slam. Since then he has toured with Button Poetry and published two collections of poetry, Clatter and Our Numbered Days. Freddie Alexander met him to chat about self care, the show, Neil Hilborn – Live Poetry, and the differences between the UK and US scenes.

Leyla Josephine’s Collision of Theatre and Spoken-word Poetry

Leyla Josephine is a performance artist and writer from Glasgow. She’s the former UK Spoken Word Slam Champion and her poem ‘I Think She Was a She’ went viral in 2014. This year, she brings her show Hopeless to the Edinburgh Fringe. Hopeless has been Longlisted for the Freedom of Expression Award from Amnesty International. Features Writer Carly Brown sat down with her to discuss creating a solo show, her work with refugees and how we might find hope in turbulent times.

7 Ways to Escape the Fringe

With the second and most exhausting weekend of the Fringe nearly in the rearview mirror, it’s time to have a rest day. It’s tempting to curl up in bed and succumb to the hangover that’s been building for a fortnight, but there are other options to get a few hours respite from the crowds and the flyers for less than the cost of a show. Frankie Goodway takes us through the options.

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