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Star Inflation is Real

Mutterings about star ratings are as much a part of the Fringe as plastic pint glasses. Some people think critics are too generous, some people too harsh (mainly about their own shows), and others think star ratings should be abolished altogether. James T. Harding does the sums and finds that, whatever you think it means, star-rating inflation is real.

Double Denim Duo on Working With not Against the Audience

Australian comedians Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew made their duo debut at this year’s Fringe as Double Denim, having previously performed as part of Backpack Anorak. Michelle and Laura met Broadway Baby’s Sarah Virgo over lunch to talk about their show this year, the first time they’ve worked as a duo and why Edinburgh is the only place to be as a comedian in August.

Happiness Research Institute’s Meik Wiking Talks Social Media, Hygge and Mindfulness

Meik Wiking is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and author of The Little Book of Hygge. The Danish word hygge is difficult to translate, but it loosely means comfort, warmth and togetherness. It’s cozy nights by the fire and enjoying a long meal with friends. Meik attributes Denmark’s perpetual ranking as one of the world’s happiest countries in part to their love of hygge. Features Writer Carly Brown sat down with him after his event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival to discuss why he thinks hygge has become a global trend, how social media affects our happiness and what we can expect from his new book.

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