Alistair Green: Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm

One of the lesser known but better versed performers in The Stand’s programme at this year’s Fringe, Alistair Green’s show Well Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm is a no-frills stand-up set that works well for the character Green presents us with, but doesn’t break any new ground in the realms of stand-up. Playing off the audience well and rolling with consistent anecdotal material, this is an entertaining hour of easily enjoyable comedy.

The moments where Green’s comedy really shines are in the more absurd and wordplay-informed points of the set

Wearing a plain black outfit in a black box theatre means that Green gives the audience no preconceptions about his style or material as many comedians do with their appearance. Starting out the gig we are treated to a story of a heckler which immediately gets the audience on his side and laughing along with him. He uses self-deprecating exasperation to his complete advantage, with the crux of many of his jokes being his own shortcomings. Endearing himself to his audience he then proceeds to lay into the shortcomings of everyone else with a similar mischievous gait, moving from shop assistants to the general public without a moment of hiatus. The relatable comedy of this observations makes for hilarious listening.

The moments where Green’s comedy really shines are in the more absurd and wordplay-informed points of the set, with a joke about fishing being “the fourth emergency service” hitting the mark, the silliness of such a statement resonating joyfully. More silliness from the weathered comedian would lift the whole set up to the next level of stand up talent. The final portion of the show gives the audience a hilarious insight into Green’s single life and his gradual letting go of social standards. His self deprecation and reckless flippancy are well observed and an interesting window into how he has come to be the man standing in front of us.

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The Blurb

Acclaimed stand-up Alistair Green spends an hour on stage ranting, moaning and generally talking about everything he thinks is wrong with the world, including his own pitiful shortcomings as a human being. Sounds hilarious doesn't it. ‘Undiscovered genius’ (Guardian). ‘Fully deserves his underground reputation as the comedian's comedian’ (ThreeWeeks).