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Prom Kween’s Rebecca Humphries on Why she Won't be Doing a Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Underbelly Untapped Award-winner Prom Kween is a high-energy comedy musical about Matthew Crisson, the first non-binary person to win a prom queen title in a US high school. Features Editor James T. Harding met writer and actor Rebecca Humphries, winner of two Musical Comedy Awards, best known at the Fringe for her 2014 hit Dizzy Rascals.

Edinburgh Barstar of the Day: Molly McCluskey

Richard is exploring Edinburgh's East End today to discover the Barstar of the Day at The Newsroom, where Glaswegian Molly McCluskey is making plans on photography while sipping a Scottish spiced rum.

Danyah Miller’s Inspection of Perfection

As a course leader at The International School of Storytelling, Danyah Miller can certainly spin a good yarn. Here at the Fringe, she is turning her talents to the baffling question of why we strive so desperately for perfection, often at high costs. Her one-woman show Perfectly Imperfect Women is a fabulous and diverse performance that cleverly weaves fairytales and audience involvement into fascinating journey through Danyah’s family history. Broadway Baby’s Carla van der Sluijs met Danyah to talk about the show, the art of audience inclusion, and the inclusivity of feminism.