Zigger Zagger

What seems like a brilliant night out at the Village Hall sadly doesn't cut it in the competitive world of the Fringe, and for this reason I think Sawston Players and Dramawise may be out of their depth in Edinburgh.

Zigger Zagger is their tale of Harry - a typical teen who spends his life of the terraces, torn between satisfying the demands of his elders or the far more appealing but rebellious world of his friend Zigger.

Whilst this scenario has promise, Peter Terson's script doesn't really reach any dramatic conclusions, and you're left wondering 'what was all that about, then?'

Performed by a mixed group of young and, ahem, more 'mature' actors, it's a cast of thousands in Fringe terms. They create an excellent feeling of being on the Terraces, but the amateur nature of the performances and exaggerated characterisations (such as grotesque gay stereotypes) let this production down.

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