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Bremner Duthie, brings his one man “Kabarett” to Edinburgh, featuring the music of Kurt Weill - and it wonderfully showcases his multitude of talents as a writer and performer.

A jaded cabaret artiste is attempting to revive his flagging singing career. We hear his story through a one sided conversation with an unseen journalist who has joined him in his dressing room as he prepares for the show. The story of his career unfolds as he spins tall yarns of his early days in show business but as the interview progresses his self-confidence gives way to reveal a more insecure and lonely man. The character pays homage to the life of Kurt Weill, punctuating the interview with captivating performances of his songs. These are beautifully delivered with power and emotion, set to a hauntingly sparse piano accompaniment. At times we are magically transported to 1930’s Berlin.

Bremner Duthie gives a funny, engaging and dramatic solo performance as the charming, witty and increasingly anxious faded star.

Although the tiny venue helps to create the dingy dressing room setting this show deserves to be seen by a larger audience.

The Vault. 3rd ха 25th August (not 11th, 18th). 20:40 (1h)

The Blurb

A strikingly original, unpredictable story of a singer's final comeback, fueled by countless vodka martinis and Kurt Weill's dark, daring songs. 'Like stumbling upon a veteran performer's diary and getting to flip through the best parts ... Extraordinary' (Winnipeg Sun).

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