Think Less, Feel More

Taking its title from critic Waldemar Januszczak’s rundown of the 2016 Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the Royal Academy – ‘there is not enough emotion in our art any more. We think too much and feel too little’ – Think Less, Feel More is a celebration of passion and energy in art.

The paintings having a hypnotic quality to them – simultaneously drawing the viewer in and providing a sense of freedom.

Boyle suggests her artwork is about ‘the journey of learning about the spirit of the world and ourselves and accepting all the imperfections. I want people to feel there is joy and playfulness within my work and titles, which comes from enjoying the process’. This show most certainly highlights this and the feeling of delight within the paintings is infectious. I can’t help feeling the space somewhat limited Boyle – her paintings sometimes feel as though they were destined for a much grander scale, however this was clearly exchanged for a pleasing sense of intimacy within the rooms. 

Reviews by Caitlin Rebecca

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Think Less, Feel More

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The Blurb

Think Less, Feel More is the second solo exhibition in Edinburgh by up-and-coming abstract artist Alice Boyle. It plunges you back into the feeling of winter while developing colour to soften the cold and break through to the promise of regeneration. Appearing in the specially adapted Edinburgh Ski Club building in the heart of the New Town for the first 10 days of the Fringe only!