The Wrong Side of the Door

The Grandees present an hour long comedy sketch show with The Wrong Side of the Door, a creepy kind of comedy that is very easy to love. The trio adapt many different disguises, each as bizarre as the other, creating characters that are ultimately disturbed, unsettling and adorable all at the same time. It’s hard to pinpoint the themes of this show, and even harder to find an explanation for what is going on, so the best thing to do is sit back and let the craziness take over.

The actors involved in the Wrong Side of the Door are Tom Turner, Marny Godden and Andrew Mudie, and they are all absolutely brilliant. The performances have not one single fault or slip up and the threesome are a pleasure to watch as they create art on stage. It is in the writing that the madness comes through however and the portrayal of each character created by the trio of actors brings every weird storyline to life.

Themes of conker ferrets, manipulating lizards and hairy/toady dance parties shine through in this production (I did warn you that the plots are inexplicably surreal!), yet the trio seem to make every nonsensical aspect fit into place. It is also this style of acting that draws you in and makes every scene absolutely hilarious.

The show is on at 10.30pm each night, but you are going to need the energy to keep up with the madness. Many productions make claims to being utterly crazy, but they have nothing on the Grandees. The Wrong Side of the Door is a highly enjoyable show, outstandingly performed and very, very funny.


The Blurb

The Grandees present three short plays taking the imagination on a roller coaster adventure of bizarre and wonderful characters. Enjoy the wild and stupendous ride! ‘Perfectly executed comedy’ ***** (Edinburgh Evening News).