The Reduced Edinburgh Fringe Impro Show

The Soap Kitchen have an act which will be familiar to anyone who's seen Who's Line Is It Anyway. The Reduced Edinburgh Fringe Impro Show takes its cues from the Fringe programme to create a series of games such as Stand Up, Sit, Lie Down and Human Puppets - most of which have appeared at one time or another on the TV show.

The audience pre-select the Fringe shows, and the team start from the guide description. These quickly develop into absurd tangents, so hooking this onto the Edinburgh Fringe is a thin connection at best, but the comedy is funny and, in particular, Ruth Bratt was on top form today with her Swedish director, Ivana Bollockoff.

If anything, the small crowd and early hour let them down. Their material would be comedy gold at a packed comedy club at midnight, but it's a bit high-energy for noon when most Fringe revellers are still considering breakfast.

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Leicester Square Theatre


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The Blurb

2006 sell-out show returns. Improvised comedy direct from the Fringe brochure. See this summer's hits performed as they were never intended. 'Side-splittingly funny'