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Sir Ian Bowler, Tory MP for Buckland and Ruttington, is angry and more than a little confused. His chequered past is catching up with him, his doctor's prescribed antidepressants and, oh, it turns out he had a small hand in the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Real-life 2012 London Mayorial candidate Nat Tapley gave his monstrous creation another airing at the Udderbelly, proving that you can't keep a good bad Tory down. The structure of this new show is simple but works perfectly. Moderator Jake Yapp (and believe me, if anyone needs a moderator it's Sir Ian) takes questions from the audience and then lets the True Blue MP let rip and, boy, does he let rip.

Auden's 'Stop all the Clocks' gets a reworking and is turned into a poetic tribute to the Blessed Margaret - 'She was my south, my south, my south, my south; My tiny brain, my racist mouth' – and we discover that Sir Ian has been flirting with Farage, who 'combines the dashing good looks of a young Clark Gable with the bulging throat sack of a natterjack toad - and enormous trousers.' While it's difficult to tell how much of the show is scripted and how much off the cuff, it doesn't really matter as this is genuinely funny stuff. The rants just go on and on and on, either petering out in wild-eyed confusion, or climaxing in eye-popping tirades where Sir Ian looks dangerously on the point of violence. Or a stroke. 'Let's not just dismiss ideas because Hitler had them too,' he cheerily booms.

Tapley is always nicely in control of his character and material, but can't quite hide a smile when he knows he's nailed it, which is a good 80% of the time – not a bad comedy hit rate at all. The end of the show loops back to the dear old Milk Snatcher and the revelation that Sir Ian was present at her death bed. More than just present it appears. He was - how shall I put this? - 'active' in her last hours. It's a shocker, but then you'll just have to go to see this marvellous hour of comedy to find out exactly what did happen between the two old chums.

Udderbelly Festival Southbank. 8th May 2013.

The Blurb

Sir Ian Bowler has long been a scourge of the liberal intelligentsia. Now, Jake Yapp moderates as the political titan takes on The Left at their own game. Shouting. With special guests and audience participation, Sir Ian finaly proves that he's Britain's biggest Member. Suitable for ages 16+. Runs for approximately one hour.

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Corrie McGuire
Production Company
Objective Talent Management

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