Stuck in ze Bunker With You

Frank Sinazi, the “Leader of the Iraq Pack”, is a smooth-talking American entertainer who will not only occasionally burst into song, but also into some loud episodes of a slightly dodgy German accent. In a space which I would describe as a little too glitzy to be a bunker, Frank and the hilarious Eva Von Schnippisch guide us through an evening of laughter and music. All the classic hits such as I’ve Got You Under Berlin and We Could Be Fuhrers feature in this meeting of two things that really, really shouldn’t work together, but somehow do.

Go along for some raucous laughs, great punchlines and a blast from the past with a twist.

Some of the jokes made are definitely in bad taste but the show very much does what it says on the tin; no one attending is expecting a 100% PG performance. Plus most of the jokes are genuinely funny, which enables the pair to pretty much get away with it.

In fact, the humour points out some modern political issues and actually makes some sobering points about current world leadership if you really think about it (not that you have to, of course - sit back and enjoy the show, by all means). Although jokes about Brexit and Donald Trump have pretty much been done to death now, within the context of a man dressed as Hitler singing WWII-themed songs in a bunker there was sort of something new to be gained. A comparison, maybe? Perhaps a comment on how ridiculous our state of political affairs is becoming?

Particular highlights are lyrics such as “and so I face the iron curtain”, and Eva’s ukulele tunes, which are another thing that definitely shouldn’t work but somehow really fit into the jam-packed evening. The commanding demeanor of Frank and Eva on stage keeps the audience engaged (hopefully not out of fear) and there’s some pretty run-of-the-mill audience interaction, including a very keen young man being tied to a chair by Eva, but this still prompts laughs aplenty.

This is what I imagine to be the best bunker experience one could have. Go along for some raucous laughs, great punchlines and a blast from the past with a twist.

Reviews by Chloe-Louise Saunders

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The Blurb

The Ubermeister of Swing and charismatic leader of The Iraq Pack brings his one-man show to Edinburgh. With only his partner Diva Braun for company, he sets about winning the hearts of Western audiences with comedy classic songs like Third Reich and You've Got Me Under Berlin, as well as recently-penned extreme renditions like One for Poor Eva, and One for the Road. Frank is convinced that after so many failed world domination attempts this could finally be his year. 'Brilliantly stupid, fantastically wrong and ridiculously funny' (Scotsman).