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Shirley Gnome is a straight-talking, country-singing diva from Vancouver who spends an hour forcing a crowd of unsuspecting and bewildered fans between her comedy sheets. She even has a cowboy hat and boots to make the hat-trick of innuendo possible ('reverse cowgirl', and 'knocking boots' in case you weren't sure).

Shirley lets the audience in on the romantic moments that have shaped her life through original songs and even rats out a few of her friends who have had rather embarrassing and explicit experiences. With a warm, chatty manner and razor-sharp wit (shutting a heckler up with lightning speed), Shirley has the audience on her side immediately. Shirley's talent is obvious when she manages to persuade a group of burly Englishmen to belt out the chorus of a song about fellatio. She should definitely be applauded for this achievement alone.

You might think that a show based almost entirely around penis jokes would get old after a while but Shirley's hilarious anecdotes and amazing voice ensure that the audience are in hysterics until the last gasp. The genius of her act is that she is bold enough to make mention of problems and insecurities that everyone has but that your average Brit would be too scared to even think about, let alone sing about. Let's be honest, who hasn't woken up with glitter on their private parts and no idea how it got there?

Shirley Gnome's show is an absolute hoot for anyone who has ever been dumped or fired, anyone who is intrigued by nude beaches and anyone who wonders what it would be like if the Dixie Chicks stopped singing about fields and sunsets and indulged in some good old-fashioned smut.

Venue Number 61. Underbelly, Cowgate, 56 Cowgate (entrances on Cowgate and Victoria Street), EH1 1EG. 1-25 August 22:20 (1 hour). Suitability: 18+. Explicit sexual content

The Blurb

Original songs about the embarrassing, hilarious, and titillating adventures of bodies colliding. Smothered in explicit language and racy humour, sung with the voice of an angel dry-humping a cloud. Winner of Canada's largest comedy competition.

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Heartichoke Arts

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