Out Of The Cage

A large, colourful advert is projected across the stone wallin front of us, ‘these women are doing their bit - learn to make munitions’.Bits of paper are arranged on a modest little table, made to seat four, with a small bench in the background. 1916 - war struck Britain.

You’ll hang onto every word they speak, feeling it’s importance

Six strong, yet very unique, female characters are introduced onto the stage to take part in a secret discussion over women’s equal rights. Most of whom are munition workers, they open our eyes to the devastation caused by their hazardous working conditions with TNT. Evident from the outset, they are all from different backgrounds, reminding us of the severe class division that was ever present in those times, and the significance of their desire to unite and strike together.

Each of their narratives stay concise and relevant to the story line, which is a hard feat for any performance to manage, yet you’ll hang onto every word they speak, feeling it’s importance. Holding the stage incredibly well, they made full use of the space, almost merging themselves with the audience, you couldn’t help but feel every emotion they did. Their ghostly outbreaks of haunting songs sent shivers through the room, filling the air with a hint of despair - will their plans succeed?

Out of the Cage portrays the harrowing reality which women faced during the great war, and the struggles of equality that they persevered to overcome. Nothing can be faulted, the purpose of their performance is perfectly executed leaving you feeling wiser and more knowledgeable for the experience. Through their engaging storyline you will almost forget the destruction that is happening around them, that is until the rumble of the zeppelin raids shakes the room throwing everything into darkness. Tensions will rise as the strike draws closer, leaving you desperate to know the consequences they may face. But never forget, there is a war outside.

‘Sing a lullaby to the dying… the sky is falling’.

Reviews by Amelia Jane Day



Out Of The Cage




The Blurb

London, March 1916, a group of women have a momentous decision to make. A searing cry for justice and equality set against the backdrop Zeppelin raids and TNT poisoning. This award winning ensemble presents the world premier of Out of the Cage, a play about the lives of a group of munitionettes risking their lives to fight for King and country.