Narin Oz: Addicted to Love

“Warning...” reads the blurb about Addicted to Love on the Fringe website, “some sexual content, partial nudity, some explicit language, close up performance, interactive.” These cautionary words are entirely accurate.

Oz has set the scene well and if she can find a story to tell, the show could become something quite special.

The stage is a nicely decorated pink car, parked in the grounds of C South. This motor theatre seats four, with your performer in the driving seat, at least metaphorically. In fact Narin Oz nimbly dances in and out of the vehicle, over the roof and into the laps of the audience. If you don't want to participate, don't go, the back seat is the front row. There is no space to hide.

Oz wants to discuss sex addiction. And for much of the twenty minute performance she does just that. It's fun stuff – my embarrassed giggling soon gave way genuine laughter. She improvises well, dipping in and out of the script with ease and at will.

However, save from some interesting ideas and and a few good jokes, the show is underwritten. This character is addicted to sex, we get that... but the story, like the car, is static. No further exploration of the subject is developed. Oz had my undivided attention, and I wanted so much more.

Addicted to Love is a comedy show that doesn't just break the fourth wall, it rips it apart in front of your face and demands that you participate. It's lively and enjoyable, and the performance is likely to stay long in the memory. Oz has set the scene well and if she can find a story to tell, the show could become something quite special. I hope it continues to develop and if it does, I will be back.

Reviews by Martin Walker

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The Blurb

'Hello Narin. I want to play a game... What you call this? Your love life? Society calls you a love addict- I call you chicken shit. Now, we will see if you are willing to free yourself from love anorexia and learn how to love; to give up the one thing you rely on in order to go on living. Love or beaver? Make your choice...' Join Narin Oz in her car on this interactive wacky adventure into the nightmare version of love. But be careful- Narin and her car will both be playing games...