Muofhe, African Love Story
  • Brighton Fringe

After Muofhes thriving musical career in her region in the northern province of Venda in south Africa, she has decided it's time to introduce her African rhythms to the rest of Africa and the World. After her band was formed in 2015, selecting the most skilled young African Jazz and Folk instrumentalists in the land, they embarked on a tour to showcase their music.They decided to combine both her albums filled with stories of love and retell the African Love Story that began under a Mutshikili tree in the land called Mukula, well known for their sweet potatoes and sweet talkers. The production takes you from the depths of Venda tradition and African ways of conquering the one you love through the traditional songs and Jazz delight that will leave you mesmerised. The musics theme starts from the migrant working days back in the 1980s to the radical millennia. It packs the history of African love and its core elements. There are 10 songs providing you with an hour of African rhythms, storytelling and soulful sounds. This nine-piece band will leave you enchanted and craving for more.