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Vicky Arlidge is a charming and talented musician whose songs about motherhood and marriage are pleasant and fun. Although some of the songs are a little trite and contrived, it’s an enjoyable way to spend an hour.

Arlidge is a piano teacher and musician who shows herself to be very versatile, playing ukulele and piano to accompany her singing. Her song about teaching the piano is well-executed, incorporating famous piano pieces such as Fur Elise, and deliberately bastardising them to mimic her students. There are lots of similarly smart musical moments throughout, such as her version of Postman Pat - using the themes in a variety of different guises to tell an alternative Postman Pat story.

Her songs are amusing for the most part, with her very proper accent occasionally providing humour - for example when sings her song about sex, using various hilarious innuendoes for the deed. Occasionally the exasperated mother character gets a little tiring, with the song about trying to get the kids to leave the house on time dragging on a bit.

Although she is an able musician, her voice is a little thin. She makes a sweet but unassuming sound, which fits in with the tone of the show, but lacks any oomph. Poo jokes and football husband gags aside, this is a harmless show - just what you would want from a mum.

Venue Number 145. C venues - C nova, India Buildings, Victoria Street,Victoria Street, EH1 2EX. 2-10 August 17:45 (50 minutes). Suitability: 12+.

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Mum who nearly sold her kids on eBay brings her comic songs to Edinburgh. YouTube viral sensation live on stage! 'Fantastic' (@StAlbansPeople). 'So funny yet so true' (@MusicForBaby). 'I wee'd a bit!' (@MediocreMum).

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