La Voix
  • By Sue Denham
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  • 3rd Apr 2014
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  • ★★★★★
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Since scooping the London Cabaret Award for best Drag Act last month, it's no longer obligatory to prefix La Voix's name with the qualifier 'Drag Idol Winner 2012'. For although I'm sure the lady herself will acknowledge the step up Drag Idol gave her career, La Voix is no longer just the best newcomer - she's the headliner.

La Voix is no longer just the best newcomer - she's the headliner.

It's not just the amazing voice either. La Voix's patter is lightning fast and stomach-punchingly funny. She engages the audience trading ad-libs like a prize fighter. I feel for Becky and her slightly unfortunate laugh that provides perfect material for La Voix to work with throughout the act tonight. Another Love Egg, Becky? Several of the busy crowd in the pub tonight have travelled across London specifically for the show and are unsurprisingly vocal in their appreciation after each gag lands and every final note.

But ultimately we arrive at the encore. La Voix's own version of X Factor, giving her a chance to showcase - Little Voice stylie - a host of our favourite female singers. Channeling Garland and her Palladium performances; lampooning Minnelli; more from Cher and Bassey and even a bit of Eartha Kitt to prove how truly talented this act is. The crowd go wild. Even the back bar are on their feet in applause (and if you know the layout of this venue, you'll realise that's quite a thing).

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The Blurb

La Voix, Award winning, internationally renowned Drag artist. As seen on ITV1s Britains Got Talent. Whose vocal trickeries, impersonations are scarily accurate, shatteringly hilarious. A sharp, quick witted tongue with a voice to rocks the foundations.