Katzenjammer are Bitter & Sweet

Katzenjammer don’t fit into a Fringe category all that easily. Is it comedy, music or theatre? Maybe it’s all three. Regardless of the categorisation, the show is one of those surprising gems that the Fringe gives us an opportunity to see. And I recommend you do, and you won’t be embarrassed if you took your mum with your either.

Steven Worbey and Kevin Farrell are obviously both highly accomplished pianists in their own right, having both trained at the Royal College of Music. As Katzenjammer they play as a duo on the same piano whilst the audience can watch the blur of four hands on a live big-screen projection of the keyboard. But this isn’t some stiff recital. In between each of the clever musical numbers, Steven & Kevin make the whole audience feel like they’re a bunch of friends who’ve come round for a G&T.

It’s easy to draw comparisons with the likes of Victor Borge, but in some ways this belittles their own talent. The arrangements of Maple Leaf Rag and Windmills of Your Mind are as technically challenging as they are technically brilliant. There is humour in the form of original songs much in the vein of Tom Lehrer, a camp but obscure Gracie Fields number and an incredibly clever classical / contemporary piece. Actually, one of the highlights is rhapsodic Spice Girls, but don’t let me spoil the plot.

If you don’t catch them at the Fringe, don’t be surprised if these boys are playing the Royal Albert Hall soon. They really are that good.

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With four hands on one piano, the unique talent, comic wit and pianistic skills of Katzenjammer will ensure a fast-paced evening of madness, music and laughter. You'll have never seen a piano played like this before!