John Laurie, Frazer & I

Ian Watt's one-man show pays tribute to the acclaimed Scottish actor John Laurie. Laurie was probably most famous for his role as Frazer in Dad's Army, but as Watt is at pains to point out in his 50 minute monologue, that's not all you should remember him for.

Watt is an engaging actor, but this piece lacks dramatic structure. It's as much a lecture as it is theatre. Watt presents some interesting and amusing anecdotes from Dad's Army, but much of this is simply a role call of Laurie's acting credits.

On the evening I caught this show, one of Watt's impossibly large prop eyebrows decided to go walkabout. It was as much of a distraction for Watt as it was the audience. Eventually the errant eyebrow fell off and he finally dispensed with the other. The show seemed much better from that point on.

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