Shrewsbury School must have nerves of steel. How else, then, could they possibly even attempt to stage a show as complicated as Sondheim's Into The Wood on the Fringe? But, it seems, folk from Shrewsbury don't do things by halves. This production is big and bold. A huge cast and full orchestra fill the Rocket Venue's gothic church will a rich and beautiful spectacle.

Ok, the acting is a little iffy at times, but the singing is great, and at times superb. In particular, Ali MacFarlane, Sean Cloak, Harriet Holmes and James Horton lift this production beyond the hum drum of an average school show. The set and technical aspects are also way in excess of the expectations you would normally have on the Fringe.

The wall of sound you experience during the big company numbers such as Ever After will send shivers down your spine and the attention to detail such as the crying cow (with roving eyes!) will have you in fits. It's one of those shows that make you glad you take risks on the Fringe.


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