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A round of applause for The Sundaes. This show had everything from glitz and glamour to sassy stage antics, and when coupled with breathtaking vocals and mind blowing costumes, it really encompassed what the Spiegeltent is all about.

their ingenious 3-way harmonies when singing completely different songs were astounding

Debuting their show Diva Las Vegas, the girls took us through the history of Vegas dames from Bette Midler to Whitney Houston and even a small interlude from The Rat Pack, sang in true diva style.

By far the funniest moment of the show was Chocolate Sundae’s (Keris Lea) Shirley Bassey medley. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as the audience wept with laughter at her absolutely hilarious, yet strangely accurate, rendition of the legendary dame.

Each Sundae sported a distinct persona: Vanilla was a little ditsy, Strawberry was the flirt and Chocolate stole the show as the group’s lead. Their routines allowed room to improvise and jibe each other on stage but were perfectly on time when they needed to be, particularly during the somewhat tricky-looking Tina Turner choreography.

For a show that could have easily fallen into the realms of kitsch, it was their spectacular voices that really made it a hit. Their ingenious 3-way harmonies when singing completely different songs were astounding and it is clear these ladies really know what they’re doing.

The show was larger than life in every possible way and if it was on for more than one night I’m sure it could have been the toast of the Fringe. 

23rd May 20177:15pmBrighton Spiegeltent
Old Steine Pleasure Gardens, Brighton, East Sussex

The Blurb

The Sundaes are delighted to be debuting at Brighton Fringe for one night only with their hit show 'Diva Las Vegas'. In this one hour, show-stopping spectacular The Sundaes pay homage to their favourite divas from Vegas with stunning vocals, a generous scoop of comedy and outrageous costumes. Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla Sundae serve up a delightful dish of pure joy in this unmissable extravaganza. It’s like being in Vegas but without the jet lag! “Diva Las Vegas was absolutely phenomenal. Undoubtedly 5* with flawless voices, sharp choreography and so much sass! See them!”

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