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Whilst strong acting and a passionate script provided an exciting performance, there’s work to be done to see this show develop further. Nevertheless, this captivating detective drama took its audience through the full range of emotions before the evening was out. 

this captivating detective drama took its audience through the full range of emotions before the evening was out

Journalist Abigail is found dead in her flat, when later that day four car bombs are detonated around London. Two parallel investigations take place, into both Abigail’s death and the bombing, until finally the audience discovers a killer with a surprising motive.

Whilst a well written play, the characters needed more so the audience could feel more connected to them. Having actors portraying multiple characters was interesting and, at times, bewildering. Using the same actress to play both the murdered journalist and a witness ended up being a confusing experience.

Stage movement was simple and clever, although there’s room to hone these silent scenes and achieve a better flow. The transitions were neither clean nor reliable, for example when two detectives suggest they get some coffee and yet both headed off stage in different directions.

There were lots of unnecessary exits and entrances that dismantled scenes, which could have been stronger and more dramatic without them. In a scene where Abigail and Oliver began to make love, Oliver had to exit the stage then enter it again, just for the sake of Abigail having a few moments to herself. What could have been a beautiful aside was a missed opportunity to fully utilise the medium of theatre in order to create a more flowing, deep and moving experience.

Director Pip O’Neill brought us a cautionary tale, taking apart our feelings and beliefs towards other people, situations and tragic events with this blend of a murder tale and terrorist attack that was harsh and thought-provoking.

24th Mar 20177:00pmSweet Dukebox
3 Waterloo St Hove
25th Mar 20177:00pmSweet Dukebox
3 Waterloo St Hove

The Blurb

8:15am: Abigail, twenty-six, journalist, is found dead in her flat. 11:27am: four car-bombs are detonated around London. Detective Taylor thinks he understands tragedy. Detective Taylor doesn’t really get it. An exploration of swift judgements not saving lives.By Pip O’Neill.

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