• Glasgow Comedy Festival

Feeling lucky?

Join Arch-Surrealist Boothby Graffoe for a typically skewed looked at the weird little world of the UK lottery scratch card.

Who buys them? How many do they buy? What, really, are the odds they might win? Have you got one? Do you want one? What would you do with all that money?

These questions and several others, utterly unrelated, will be answered. Or will they? Who knows?

Question marks are free, shall we keep using them?

Will Boothby win during the show?

More importantly, will he share any of his winnings with you?

Should have his own TV show. The Guardian

An enigma wrapped in a riddle. He plucks comedy from confusion and brilliance from thin air. The Scotsman

With sharp wit and an expressive performance he actually made me cry with laughter.

Rip It Up Magazine, Australia