Being Earnest, It's Rather Important

The Shore Thing Youth Theatre have a decidedly slapstick view of Wilde's classic comedy-of-manners. Their production of Being Earnest, It's Rather Important sticks its tongue firmly in its cheek before taking several liberties with the original text.

The show opens with a musical number about a Platypus, and that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the show. About half way into this frolic, Lady Bracknell ostensibly 'drys'. The production is halted and we learn that we're actually watching the final dress rehearsal of this show. Cue a sneak at the backstage life where Gwendolen is universally hated by the rest of the cast for taking herself too seriously and Lady Bracknell is actually a 32 year old man who wanted to play Darth Vader, but for whom Lady Bracknell was the next best thing.

This play is riddled with one-liners, corny gags and heaps of enthusiasm from this young cast. High art, this is definitely not, but even if the acting isn't quite RSC you'll find yourself laughing (and groaning!) from start to finish.

Reviews by Sue Denham

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