Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight is a watered down version of a big variety show, showcasing acts that will be performing at Just the Tonic this year. It’s on very early, so it’s fine to bring the kids, although you can tell it pains some of the comedians to keep their material clean. This is a variety show, so don’t just expect comedy: today I’m treated to part of a play, bits of a sketch show and a magician, alongside some comedy.

The idea of Afternoon Delight is that you get 10 minute snippets of 8 different shows, tied together with a compere who is also showcasing his material. If you like the 10 minute previews, then do come back to Just the Tonic to see the whole show. The only real risk in this is that you more than likely won’t have heard of any of the acts before, and it is all about taking a chance on the unknown.

Just the Tonic’s Afternoon Delight today presented some pretty terrible acts, but also some showing a wee bit more hope. Al Lubel performs deadpan surrealist comedy, which really confuses the morning festival-goers, but has enough promise that his full hour show could be a good one. There is also enthusiasm running through the audience for comedian Fern Brady, who tries to slip in as much shock factor as legally possible in a family-friendly time slot.

Afternoon Delight is certainly a good way to see a variety of acts whose posters have caught your eye, but you may not be prepared to sit through a full hour of yet. A preview might put your mind at rest before you dip into your pockets to see one of the lesser known acts on the Fringe. However, you may not see anything outstanding here, and the one and a half hour time slot will drag on slightly towards the end.


The Blurb

A sample of different acts from Just the Tonic venues, and maybe some guests. Spend an hour in the company of five to eight performers and see if you want to go to their full shows. Good idea!