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This year's Fringe - both in the children's and adults' sections of the programme - is full of innovative and exciting puppet shows. Broadway Baby’s puppet panel includes some of the creators behind three of them - Fiona Porritt from Les Enfants Terribles, Cass Gastaldon from Puppet Soup, and Molly Freeman from Smoking Apples - as well as Cariad Astles, an international expert on puppetry. Tom Moyser met them to explore the materials, techniques and ideas that bring their shows to life; and puppetry at the Fringe more generally.

Puppetry panel by Broadway Baby Radio on Mixcloud

Fiona Porritt’s The Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie:

Cass Gastaldon’s Land of the Dragon - Gwlad y Ddraig:

Molly Freeman’s CELL:

Cariad Astles:

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