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Advertising with Broadway Baby is an efficient and cost-effective way to let theatre goers know about your show. We are producers, marketers and performers ourselves, so we know what works and how to achieve it on a budget.

If you're confused by all the buzzwords and jargon used in advertising, we've created a page of FAQs to guide you through the terminology and how banners work.

Why choose Broadway Baby? is a popular and vibrant destination site for the Fringe, one of the most comprehensive and interactive guides to performing arts that has ever existed. We make navigating the world of live performances just that little bit easier. In 2017 we served over 118 million pages, so we're also a very popular source of information for everything in the field of performing arts.

And we're constantly striving to improve our content and features. Broadway Baby works great on all devices, from phones to tablets, laptops to desktops meaning our visitors don't need to worry about how they're going to access the site, we just give them the best experience every time. We make it ridiculously easy to discover new content, from simple things like making practically every genre, venue or category clickable to innovative search features like 'What's On Near Me' that uses the latest technology found in phones and modern browsers to accurately position the visitor. We have the most advanced review management system in the world, a bespoke system called Thistle, which allows us to cover the major festivals more efficiently than our competition. All these things make Broadway Baby an essential tool for people looking for a good night out, and even more reason for you to promote your show with us.

Why do ticket-buyers visit our site?

  • Reviews - the most respected and widest coverage in the UK
  • Interviews - interviews with more comedians and theatre-makers than any other site
  • Listings - we list every show in the major festivals, plus thousands of listings from across the UK and USA
  • Coverage - we send specialists to review all the performance types at the Fringe, including cabaret, comedy, children’s, dance, music, musicals, opera and theatre

Why do shows buy advertising with us?

Broadway Baby covers all performance genres with an equal level of expertise. A review here really does mean something.
Charles Pamment, Creative Director, SpaceUK

  • Reach - in 2017 Broadway Baby served over 118 million pages to over 2.6 million visitors. Our Twitter feed alone had a reach of nearly 3 million.
  • Size - We review an average of 2,000 shows per year - that's over 5 per day including weekends. No other reviewing site provides more comprehensive coverage.
  • Technology - our ad server provides tools for assigning ads and tracking their effectiveness
  • Prestige - our site is respected and so are the adverts it serves.

We make advertising with us ridiculously simple. Upload your banners direct to our site, set the dates you want the banner to show and then pay for your ads. No sales pitches from advertising managers, no long email chains, no complications. Make your ads live as soon as you upload them then use the Ads tab in your profile page to watch your ad's performance.

Real-time stats show you how your campaign is doing and where those eyeballs are coming from.

Online Formats

We offer two industry-standard formats for online ads, the 'MPU' 300x250px banner and the 728x90px leaderboard. Choose the size that suits you best and pay just £12 per day to show them on Broadway Baby. The number of times your banner will be shown will depend on how busy the site is (we're unsurprisingly busier in August than January) and the number of other advertisers in the pool (again, unsurprisingly there are more advertisers in August too). You can expect to recieve between 10,000 - 30,000 advert views per day, depending on the time of year.

By The Numbers

By The Numbers
Pageviews 118m
Visitors 2.6m
Ads Served 472m

We're constantly growing! From humble beginnings at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2004, Broadway Baby is now hugely popular year-round, and the numbers show the extra traffic we get is staying on the site longer, more engaged with the content we provide. With so many visitors, it's no wonder we need a dedicated 8-core server to keep up with the demand. Our goal is to keep innovating, improving and giving visitors even more reasons to make Broadway Baby their site of choice for arts coverage.

How to Advertise with Broadway Baby

For online advertising - do it online! Simply click here to visit our online banner booking page.