Zombie Zone
  • Adelaide Fringe

A fully interactive Zombie apocalypse experience. Locked within the Gluttony site with only a NERF gun to protect you or will you be one of the UNDEAD. 11pm till 3am face off against other humans or the 3 Faced Zombie King and his hordes! With multiple in game events, a per kill point system and a Prize donated by Mad Collectibles to the greatest hunter on the night. Zombie Zone pits three clans against each other as they battle for overall supremacy of the Gluttony Wasteland.Arrive at Gluttony at 11pm.Humans bring your unmodified Nerf gun or hire NERF from us for those who need it.Zombies battle with guile as a single touch can bring a human down. Latecomers - Lock out rules apply!Please go to www.zombiezone.com.au for full rules of the games + T&Cs.ONE NIGHT ONLY