Zach & Viggo

Meet Zach & Viggo; Zach is a roguish American oozing with boyish charm. Viggo is an eccentric Norwegian with a mysterious side. Together this award winning double act combine forces to create a fun and endearing absurdist comedy. The show seemed quite loosely prepared but within minutes I was won over by this pair’s infectious charm and energy.

This show is just good fun, with goofy dancing and imaginative humour.

The show begins with Zach and Viggo dressed as superheroes, creating a checklist of what the audience found funny or not. It wasn’t long until we realised that it didn’t matter what either of them said or did; it was going to make us laugh. The pair deliver a number of hilarious and wonderfully random sketches including a slapstick Baywatch montage, a Scrub Daddy advert and a man and bird sketch. Zach performs a hysterical ‘Jason’ monologue which is interrupted by casual interludes of Viggo bringing out a small cucumber with giant hands and vice versa. This is just how this show goes, it’s completely bizarre but somehow works.

Like every successful double act, the chemistry and friendship between this pair is so genuine and delightful. Although they each have their own individual style of performance, they complement each other perfectly as a duet. Zach likes to tell silly but hilarious dick jokes and makes innuendos about his parents. Viggo has a clownish quality to him and has perfect comedic timing. They remind me of a new age Mitchell and Webb. A number of jokes from this show will make me giggle for a long time and I don’t think I will ever be able to say “Nor…way” in the same way again.

This show is just good fun, with goofy dancing and imaginative humour. Zach & Viggo don’t take themselves too seriously, which enables the audience to just relax and enjoy themselves. I left the venue with a massive smile on my face completely taken in by this pair’s contagious wit and charm.

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The Blurb

Winner: Best Comedy Brighton Fringe 2016. Winner: Best Comedy Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award 2017. After a sold-out run at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe and an 18-month tour of the US, Europe and Australia, award-winning, Norwegian-American comedy duo Zach and Viggo return to Edinburgh with a brand-new hour of madness! Directed by Jonny Woolley. 'A true fringe highlight' ***** (Latest). 'Your new favourite double act' ****½ (Steve Bennett, 'Everyone is a little bit in love with them' **** (Scotsman). 'You'll want to be a part of the group who knew them when' **** (List).