Yve Blake: Lie Collector

Yve Blake is fascinated by the lies we tell and has even gone so far as to set up a website where you can anonymously reveal the various untruths you've told. She's taken that collection of little fibs, white lies and massive untruths and created a one woman musical comedy show that's unmissable.

Lie Collector is one of the most perfectly bizarre shows I've ever seen and that's no lie.

Blake doesn't play any instruments so the music is provided via backing tracks linked to a slideshow from her onstage laptop. She flits between changing slides, changing costumes and changing pace like a hyperactive child, singing songs and interacting with the audience in her unique style of awkward enthusiasm.

The show is so frantic and fast-paced that the hour flies by with no chance for a dip in the energy levels. The audience are in stitches from the very first number and the laughs only subside for a moment when Blake is brave enough to touch on how the true cost of asking strangers to anonymously bare their souls is that they might actually tell you the truth. However, the emotional moment is perfectly placed and Blake brings back the laughs in just the right way.

With songs, pizza gowns, mind reading and dance breaks, Lie Collector is one of the most perfectly bizarre shows I've ever seen and that's no lie.

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The Blurb

Yve Blake asks the internet 'What's the biggest lie you've ever told?' The answers become bold, spectacular musical comedy. And costumes. And dancebreaks. Prepare to hear about a faked pregnancy, to behold a gown made of pizza, and to be both dazzled and disturbed. Send a confession to: WhoWereWe.com. So far over 2,000 people in 154 cities have. 'As lively as a BuzzFeed list of cat GIFs' (Evening Standard). 'Truly special and unique' (AYoungerTheatre.com). Sell-out show at London's Vault Festival 2015. Praise for previous show: 'Sheer ingenuity' **** (Time Out).