The audience in The Box at The Garden of Unearthly Delights is clearly ready to party and expectations for a great show are high. Luckily the Yummy cast are here to deliver the most spectacular drag extravaganza, leaving us screaming for more and hoping that, one day, we might be anywhere near as fabulous.

Yummy is certainly the right title because this show is delicious.

The opening sees the entire cast rock a number that would be the spectacular finale to any other show but things just get better from there. Hosted by Karen From Finance, the corporate-themed drag legend from Melbourne, the audience don’t need any encouragement to whoop, scream and stamp their feet as we are bathed in the glory and glitter of Yummy.

This is so much more than a drag show; there’s elements of dance, circus and performance art that blend together with comedy and a pounding soundtrack that subverts the drag genre and creates a niche of its own. It’s no wonder that Yummy has established itself as a cult show in its home town of Melbourne. We are treated to death metal tap-dancing, sublime lip-synching, a breathtakingly beautiful dance piece, a comedy number lit entirely by the audience’s mobile phones, and a sensual cyborg routine that holds the audience in breathless silence before they explode into another round of stamping, roaring, clapping and cheering.

Unfortunately for you but luckily for me, I caught the show on the last night of their Fringe run but they will certainly be back and, if you get the chance, add this show to your must-see list. Yummy is certainly the right title because this show is delicious.

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The Blurb

YUMMY, the Melbourne powerhouse of drag, dance, circus, and music, has been serving smash-hit events in numerous festivals. Directed by James Welsby (from BRIEFS and GLORY BOX) the show features Karen From Finance, Valerie Hex, Jandruze, Beni Lola, Hannie Helsden, Benjamin Hancock and Joni in the Moon. YUMMY is absurd, fascinating and outrageous.