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  • Adelaide Fringe

Red hair. Pasty skin. And more lesbian than a Birkenstock. Lily Starr is the "Beyonc meets Amy Schumer" (her words) type of comedian you never knew you needed! Lily provides a sneak peak into her hybrid Highschool Teacher by day-Comedian by night life. Lily will have you in awe of her excellence and thankful...that you're not her. Lily Starr is a redheaded lesbian who is just making her way through life as expected: grasping for help but cant because of the sunscreen and short fingernails. Currently she works as a casual high school teacher and has mastered the skill of standing in a room full of teenagers that despise her. She has become so accustomed to teens yelling constant insults at her that comedy show hecklers dont stand a chance. "Tremendously funny" - The Buzz From Sydney