You're Never Too Old

There is no doubt that an audience of a certain age will fondly remember the two famous actors starring in You're Never Too Old, although audiences of any age could not fail to enjoy this piece. The talents of Ruth Madoc and Ian Lavender add an additional layer of joy to the proceedings, but the piece itself is enjoyable and engaging.

It is wonderful to see them live onstage and their tender and sweet delivery is utterly charming.

A simple park bench is all that's required for these two engaging performers to sit and recount a very simple but touching story of parenting, loneliness and regret, peppered with witty remarks. There is some delightful observational comedy, although some of the comic references feel a little dated. The piece does perhaps take a rather middle-of-the-road route, but as the plot unravels, there are little twists and turns which take the audience on an easygoing journey. It has a lot of potential, although the script does seem at times a draft too early for production.

Ruth Madoc and Ian Lavender have had hugely successful careers in many areas of the acting profession, but there is no doubt that their most well-known roles were in Hi-De-Hi! and Dad's Army respectively. Their performances in You're Never Too Old prove that they are more than just light comedy actors. It is wonderful to see them live onstage and their tender and sweet delivery is utterly charming. Lavender also shows glimpses of a lovely singing voice too.

It is a joy to watch these two lovely actors delivering the piece. It is well worth visiting and audiences young and old will enjoy this delightful hour.

Reviews by Gordon Noele

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The Blurb

Tommy (Ian Lavender) and Ada are in the autumn of their years when they meet on a park bench. Share the moment as they confide their secrets, relive memories and try to recapture their youth in this bittersweet comedy. Ian Lavender is best known as Pike in BBC comedy Dad's Army and also for his role as Derek Harkinson in Eastenders.