Yeti's – Demon Dive Bar

There’s a warm and weird welcome upon arrival at Yeti’s - Demon Dive Bar. Popcorn flies, hands are stamped and the two hosts climb around the audience, ensuring everyone is immediately immersed in the distinctly oddball scene. It’s a fitting start to what ends up being a tremendously enjoyable slice of silliness.

The whole thing thrives off chaotically silly energy

Jennifer Byrne and Vicky Falconer-Pritchard, the duo behind the delightfully filthy East End Cabaret, have created a cast of crazy characters for a madcap hour of singing, dancing, ping-pong basketball, dismembered head magic tricks, psychedelic nuns, heartbreaking tales of childhood tragedy, pube seasoning, and violent revenge. It’s a heady mix and proves to be a great success thanks in no small part to the committed performances of its two stars.

Byrne’s Yeti is a highlight of the show. Charming, be-mopped and affecting a Southern drawl, she clambers around the audience with abandon providing several memorably funny moments and a heartfelt story of her past. Falconer-Pritchard is no less impressive though and has a couple of standout moments, particularly as an unhinged, impeccably coiffured, keyboard playing freak (very much in the Rick James sense of the word).

A loose narrative connects the manic set pieces, providing some semblance of a story, but really the whole thing thrives off chaotically silly energy. You get the sense that both performers are having a tremendous amount of fun and they draw you in with their range of oddball characters, even the less-developed ones.

With a cast of unhinged characters in a familiar yet otherworldly setting comparisons with the Mighty Boosh are inevitable. However the show is fresh and energetic enough to avoid feeling derivative. Rather it is a fun, flighty visit to a bar like no other. If it was my local I know I’d be a regular.

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The Blurb

Direct from a smash hit debut season in Australia, this 'irresistible' (Guardian) musical sketch comedy duo give you a high-energy, hysterical combination of bizarre characters, relentlessly catchy songs and the story of the strangest dive bar in town! Yeti's is dark, dirty and dangerously funny. 'A lip-smacking, lascivious, faintly terrifying treat' **** (Telegraph). 'With the darkness of The Mighty Boosh and the lightness of Flight of the Conchords, this is the perfect double act.' ***** ( 'Comic genius' ***** (ThreeWeeks).