Wrong Place, Right Time

After about ten minutes where I was convinced I was in the wrong place and the wrong time, I stumbled onto the top deck of the Comedy Bus in The Free Sisters’ courtyard for some gentle, whimsy comedy.

The first girl up is Sophie Willan, a Manchester lass who speaks with Sarah Millican’s twee knickers-are-naughty vocabulary and chats about embracing her inner granny. It didn’t raise the roof, but she ended with a cute rhyming ballad about doing the wiggle with her granny that warmed up the double-decker floor nicely for her follow-up.

I think the most talent on the Comedy Bus came from Léonie Higgins, whose monologue about being an office temp was like the beginning of a short story or diary entry. Athough it didn’t engage with the audience it was descriptive, interesting, and, fortunately, funny. Gifted with a nice voice, she did a simple looping mix to open her act and followed it with a smooth, well-delivered performance. She is one of those girls that can sing, act, and write good comedy; if she were in a better venue she could be really successful.

Lowri Evans was the final girl to claim the bus floor and, to be honest, her act was a little confusing. Her stories had promising build ups but no punch-lines, while the lack of any kind of transition made the act seem unsteady and random.

Overall Wrong Place, Right Time is a good show to see if you are caught outside at the Right Place in a Rainy Time!

The Blurb

Join three female performers on the top deck of a bus for an unforgettable journey. Take a trip on the glorious road to nowhere packed with faltering, frank moments from their upcoming solo shows.