Wratten & Robson: Juxtaposition

This is no ordinary stand-up comedy performance. Watching, you will feel part of the performance as you get to know the other members of the audience. What is Dave’s favourite word? Who’s the youngest member of the audience? Why does Steve keep looking at the board on the wall? You will feel like you’re having a night in with some good pals who happen to be hilarious. The two men, Martin Wratten and Ben Robson, combine together to appropriately reflect the title of their performance, Juxtaposition. One of them is super charismatic and energetic while the other is hilariously dead-pan and a little bitter. It’s your job to decide which is which. They’ll bring mundane objects such as the Friday Ad, an egg or and imaginary ping pong bat and use these familiar items to provoke fits of laughter to the now acquainted audience. You’ll feel very much at home with these two hilariously funny guys whilst sharing an evening of light-hearted laughter with friends.

You’ll feel very much at home with these two hilariously funny guys whilst sharing an evening of light-hearted laughter with friends.

The observational humour, in particular, will make you cry with laughter as Martin Wratten and Ben Robson quick-wittedly find humour in the most ordinary of situations. As much as I loved the observational colloquial humour of both comedians, there were elements which, I must admit, were less funny. The good parts are especially comical, and the less funny moments didn’t seem to last for long. Some of the most hilarious moments were watching how they dealt with things not going to plan like unintentionally biting through the yolk of an egg (yes, this really happened!).

This is a really fun evening consisting of tears of laughter, moments of music, comfortable audience interaction and a surprise at the end! Although this performance is still a work in progress, both Martin Wratten and Ben Robson are able to spontaneously and naturally find humour in the most ordinary of places without fail. In fact, I think they’re even funnier impromptu and in the moment.

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The Blurb

Juxtaposition is a show about how one man's misery can be another man's joy. Martin Wratten (South Coast Comedian of the Year 2017, Hastings Fringe Newcomer of the Year 2017) and Ben Robson (GOAT Comedy and a bloody nice guy) combine to bring you an hour of comedy so fun, you'll be lucky if your jaw doesn't fall off. Lively and deadpan styles collide in this work in progress show.