WOMANz: Jou're Welcome

Everyone has that one persistently irritating friend. The sort of person who just won’t stop talking and who spews rubbish with such confidence that you just want to smack them. You’re not impressed, and this definitely isn’t funny. Until of course, they drop that one line and you can’t help but let out that tiny little giggle. They carry on, and on, and a giggle starts turning into an embarrassed chuckle. Minutes later, it’s full blown laughter, and before you know it, tears are streaming down your face, you can’t contain yourself and you’re just about convinced this might be the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. Womanz: Jou’re Welcome is that kind of show.

This sounds worrying, I know, but the absurd slapstick of Womanz: Jou’re Welcome cannot be faulted.

Somewhere between a cracked up toddler, Community’s Ben Chang and a teenage girl who’s drunk too much Smirnoff Ice, Tessa Waters is an unrelenting nutcase. Fresh from the Australian festival circuit, Waters’ one woman show won the Melbourne Fringe’s prestigious Most Outstanding Comedy award. I’m not surprised. Part erotic disco class, part group therapy session, Waters is ground-breaking. No taboo is too great for this exceptional comedian, and not even the grumpiest critic (me) can resist her wild charm. It’s certainly not a comfortable show - one moment in particular makes me think of what it must be like watching your mum do a mad exotic sex dance while smashed off her face. This sounds worrying, I know, but the absurd slapstick of Womanz: Jou’re Welcome cannot be faulted.

Waters’ show is as much about her own awesome body as it is about appreciating the fun in life and just doing what makes you happy. Parts of the show seem superficial at first, but there is a lot more to Womanz. Waters wants to be friends with each and every member of the audience and she makes an effort to enjoy herself with everyone. While you can’t help but wonder what inspired this wonderful woman to create this outstanding show, you definitely leave the evening a slightly better person. By the end, both Waters and the audience are a sweaty mess, but by God it is worth it. There are no inhibitions in this show, it’s just pure emotional brilliance.

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The Blurb

Winner: Most Outstanding Comedy Melbourne Fringe 2014 and Best Comedy Weekly Award Adelaide Fringe 2015. Spandex, sequins and killer dance moves collide in Tessa Waters' (Australia) new feisty physical comedy. Like the manic pixie love-child of Diana Ross and Mr Bean, WOMANz is a sexually liberated character with an accent that roves between Madrid and Transylvania, creating a theatrical experience 'reminiscent of a night on LSD' (YAWP). 'Roars of side-aching laughter' ***** (ThreeWeeks). 'Waters is a powerful performer' ***** (BroadwayBaby.com). 'Incredibly funny, holds her own with Dr Brown and Trygve Wakenshaw' ****1/2 (TheAge.com.au).