Wolf Whistle

An uptight medic, a flirty school girl and a worn out bus driver are all worried about the same thing. Wolf Whistle opens as they’re called into the doctor’s office, all three visibly nervous. They’re all thinking the same thing, ‘Am I pregnant?’

Both laugh out loud funny and heartbreakingly emotional Wolf Whistle is beautifully written and performed

Wolf Whistle is three different monologues by three different actors, cleverly intertwining their stories at certain points and maintaining impressive energy throughout the performance, with exceptional delivery. There’s snobby, wannabe medic Amanda who tells the story of her many failed university interviews, getting more and more worked up as the play progresses; boy obsessed schoolgirl Becca talking about a new year’s eve party and her mother’s horrific past;

and ageing bus driver Claire, discontent with her mediocre life, useless husband and cats that won’t stop throwing up in her house. The monologues stop and start, switching rapidly between characters making for a fast paced and dynamic production.

All three of the women are incredibly strong, talented actors. They play their characters extremely convincingly and effortlessly, easily navigating their way around the monologues.They’re all captivating storytellers, managing to grab and maintain the audience’s attention throughout the play. Coco Claxton playing the erratic Amanda is especially competent launching into frenzied monologues with ease and Charlotte Kelly gave a touching and emotional performance as the fifteen year old schoolgirl Becca. The character of Claire played by Laura Ferguson could have faded into the background a bit, with Claire not having as strong of a personality as the other two characters, however Morrice plays the role confidently, showing real understanding of the character.

Both laugh out loud funny and heartbreaking,Wolf Whistle is beautifully written and performed and the Mermaids Performing Arts Fund from St Andrews University are certainly not ones to miss this Fringe!

Reviews by Amanda Fleet

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The Blurb

Meet Becca, a mouthy schoolgirl. There’s only one full-length mirror in the changing room, and it’s hers. Meet Amanda, an overachieving medic who wants to tell you all about flossing too hard. Meet Clare, a frumpy bus driver with a cat called Satin who she sometimes calls Satan, by accident. Their periods have stopped, but are any actually pregnant? ‘Incredibly insightful… Witty and demanding’ **** (Stand.tab.co.uk). ‘Deeply emotional, hilarious and chilling’ (OwlEyeReview.com). ‘Powerful writing… outstanding performances’ (Star Radio). ‘Highly engaging… remarkably professional’ (TheTribeOnline.com). ‘Nuanced and highly charged… A howling success’ **** (Saint).