Once again WitTank return to the Fringe with a material that is sure to entertain. The sketch comedy group present a show filled with energy. Performing material that ranges from a kleptomaniac clergyman to a very special casserole, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. WitTank present an engaging show that will have you laughing till next year.Without a doubt the strongest part of the production is the chemistry between Kieran Boyd, Mark Cooper-Jones and Naz Osmanoglu. They play off each other brilliantly. The sketches are funny but it is the trio that make watching it great. They are dynamic performers and charm their way through any rough patches. Though some sketches are definitely stronger and more thought out than others, their relentless personalities make it work. They understand that committing whole-heartedly to a sketch, no matter how ridiculous, makes it entertaining. Doing this, they are able to squeeze out laughs from the audience even if the sketch is not one of their best. They fill the space with their imaginative characters and use the atmospheric venue to great advantage.WitTank don’t rely on dirty jokes to get laughs - don’t misunderstand, it’s a far from clean show - but the more risqué material is a side note rather than the punch line. WitTank demonstrate they have more talent than that and don’t have to rely on cheap laughs. Their delivery and timing is superb, working the audience and taking advantage of every potential laugh each sketch has to offer.

Reviews by Nicole Adam

The Blurb

Like a runaway carnival of invention, ‘WitTank’ hurtle back to the Fringe with a whirlwind of colossal characters, rakish charm and sketch magnificence. Book now to join the screaming throng. 'Relentlessly funny' **** (ThreeWeeks), **** (Metro), **** (List). www.wittank.com