This promising young cast of Durham students present their own material in a lively show featuring song, sketches and dance which might appeal to a younger audience.

Mainly drawing their humour from the concerns of modern consumer driven youth (adverts, dating agencies and life coaches) they steer well clear of politics.

The sketches are generally amusing and at times fun and fresh. Some creative theatrical moments stand out but the highlights of the show come from the music. The songs take a new look at Road Safety and STDs and the “Singing Sextuplets” are an audience pleaser.

As so often with sketch shows, it's a mixed bag. After a snappy start the quality of the material becomes less consistent but confident character performances continue to make it watchable. It lacks maturity at times and experienced festival goers may not be so impressed.

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A comedy sketch group of six Durham students who bring to the Fringe the best of three critically acclaimed shows produced this year.