Will Mars: As Good As My Audience

The premise of the show is simple; Mars has abandoned self-doubt and concluded he is a good comedian; he’s decided that this one is on us; the audience, to enjoy the show or not.

This show lacked wit, imagination, self-awareness, or amusement.

With a laid back and conversational tone Mars shares anecdotes about rough gigs, misadventures at adventure theme parks, and how his friends and family consider him weird for not being married and having children. He walks us through the transition from a life where he made all decisions ‘with his dick’ to making decisions with his brain, and how he wishes he could go back to the way it was.

Half the show was dedicated to telling us about his shortcomings; it’s not that he’s anti-feminist, ‘it’s just not his fight’, that he doesn’t recycle; he’s balding and ageing. Then the other half of the show seems to be dedicated to him providing lengthy and explicit details in all of the physical qualities Mars wants in a woman. Mars likes tits. We receive a lengthy description of all the difference kinds of tits Mars has encountered, and which ones he prefers. He wants physically fit women. No jokes here, just explanation.

Normally the art of self-deprecation warms an audience to a comedian; relating to their self-doubt or appreciating the vulnerability they’ve exposed. Sadly in this show when Mars pointed out his shortcomings we could only help but agree with him that they were as much.

This show, while quite conversational, was devoid of jokes. The irony between Mars’ shortcomings and what he wants/expects in a woman seemed lost on him. At one stage Mars congratulated a man in the front row on scoring the fit woman he was with, as if she couldn’t hear him. Mars’ world view; one where women are stupid, men talk shit so they can get sex, where women are somehow obliged to be pleasing to Mars’ specific tastes, was thoroughly depressing. This show lacked wit, imagination, self-awareness, or amusement. This was a mundane and depressing hour that destabilises any hope for humanity one might harbour. 

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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The Blurb

A 'flawed but fearless dissection of the absurd' (List) from a comedian who is unapologetically flawed and fearless. As seen on the BBC's 2011 Stand Up for Comic Relief. Shortlisted for Dave's Funniest Joke of the Fringe in 2012. Creator of the 2013 Fringe hit show, Joke Thieves. ‘Mars' pithy observations are sharp and on point’ (BroadwayBaby.com). ‘Punctures an expectation and implies a whole bizarre reality’ (Guardian).