WiFi Wars

If like me you whiled away many a Saturday stopping your dog’s tail from slightly moving your carefully balanced lead from your cassette player to your Spectrum ZX81, keeping everything crossed that Daley Thompson’s Decathlon would eventually load, you will love WiFi Wars.

this is a family friendly show and entire families had turned out to play together

A cross between a pub quiz and a low-fi retro arcade game with two very affable but geeky hosts, WiFi Wars is just good, old fashioned (with state of the art technology) fun.

Sadly, with one night only at Brighton Fringe they didn’t get time to iron out all the technical issues. But even with all the problems the audience were behind Steve McNeil and Rob Sedgebeer.

It’s a basic premise, the audience is split into two teams who then battle it out to win. Two team captains are chosen randomly and the overall individual high scorer also wins a prize. Each round sees a slightly more sophisticated game.

Although this seems a show aimed at adults of a certain age who have grown up seeing computers change dramatically - from playing tennis on your telly, ditching your BBCB or Commodore 64 for a Sega and eventually ending up playing Candy Crush on your iPhone6 on your way to work - this is a family friendly show and entire families had turned out to play together; all enjoying the show on different levels.

Wifi Wars is about to hit the big time and become a show with Dara O’ Brian, but I hope they continue to tour the live show. Theatre needs more of this. And reliable routers.

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Live comedy game show where you play along! The audience competes in games on their smartphones and tablets to win prizes (charge your batteries)! Hosted by Steve McNeil (Videogame Nation). “Not To Be Missed” The Guardian and Time Out Critic’s Choice, included in Metro's Top Ten London Geek Nights Out.