Who, Me

It’s four years since Rob Lloyd first brought this autobiographical, Doctor Who-related show to Edinburgh. Back then in August 2013, fans of the iconic BBC series were contemplating the then-recently announced news that their favourite Time Lord was going to change into Peter Capaldi. Here we are in August 2017; almost a month on, it’s still seemingly newsworthy that a certain space-time traveller will next year look and sound like Jodie Whittaker.

Lloyd is an engaging, energetic performer with a brilliant comedic instinct.

While her 13th Doctor is briefly referenced on a few occasions, the core of the show is fundamentally unchanged; this is a journey back in time to 1996 Australia, where young, self-declared ‘drama nerd’ Rob Lloyd first discovered and fell in love with Doctor Who. Which, frankly, was about the worst time possible; after being off television screens for seven years, the alleged ‘failure’ of a TV movie starring Paul McGann had seemingly consigned the Time Lord to absolute television oblivion. The only thing more ridiculed than Doctor Who itself by this point was being a Doctor Who fan.

Nevertheless, as Lloyd explains, that’s what he became, full of enthusiasm for the iconic BBC series and desperate to track down as many episodes, books and magazines as possible. The question Who, Me asks — not entirely seriously, as the answer is rather a foregone conclusion — is whether this major influence on his life and personality was ultimately good for him, or just a dangerous obsession. It’s not as if he doesn’t have ‘previous’ when it comes to such things — as a kid he was a big fan of Star Wars (which came back to haunt him), and then Sherlock Holmes.

Lloyd is an engaging, energetic performer with a brilliant comedic instinct. Yes, his honesty borders on the dangerous — really, should anyone admit in public to having seen The Phantom Menace quite so many times in the cinema? But this show’s great strength is that you don’t need to know what The Doomsday Weapon is, or who The Carole Ann Ford Clinic is named after. That said, if you do, it just adds to the pleasure.

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The Blurb

'First up, David Tennant, if you're reading this, you look exactly like Rob Lloyd!' (Skinny). 'A great show' (Terrance Dicks, Script Editor of Doctor Who 1969 to 1974). 'A truly funny man' (Katy Manning: Jo Grant, Doctor Who 1971 to 1973). Doctor Who is about to face his greatest challenge: his number one fan. Rob Lloyd (BBC America's Doctor Who: Earth Conquest) is putting The Doctor on trial. Is Doctor Who (the TV show) guilty of inciting in Rob a debilitating obsession, or has it shaped him into a well-rounded, mentally sound member of society?